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Car travel within Naples is not recommended: it's difficult, parking is a nightmare, and theft of cars parked on the street is a persistent threat. If you come to Naples by car, find a garage, agree on the cost, and leave it there for the duration of your stay. The garages listed here are safe and centrally located. A car rental could be useful if you want to explore the Amalfi Coast, though you need to leave plenty of time to spare for your return because traffic along the coast can be heavy and slow moving. Expect to pay €55 per day for a compact manual vehicle.


Ecumano. Via San Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli 41, Centro Storico, Naples, Campania, 80134. 081/5802152;

Garage Cava. Via Mergellina 6, Mergellina, Naples, Campania, 80122. 081/660023;

Petraglia. Via Ferraris 42, Piazza Garibaldi, Naples, Campania, 80142. 081/3602840;

Quick Morelli. Via Domenico Morelli 40, Chiaia, Naples, Campania, 80121. 081/19130220;

Turistico. Via de Gasperi 14, near port, Toledo, Naples, Campania, 80133. 081/5525442;

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