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Szentendre is easy to get to on local commuter trains (HÉV) that leave from a platform in Batthyány Tér underground, adjoining the metro stop. Buy tickets at the window next to the track and validate them on the train. Because this trip is outside of Budapest, any daily or weekly transit pass you are using will need to be supplemented with a ticket. There are three to five trains leaving every hour, so you'll have no need to rush to catch one. It’s about a 40-minute trip (without air-conditioning, or much by way of comfort, mind you).

Visegrád can also be reached by train from Budapest. Take a train to Nagymaros-Visegrád station from Nyugati Station, where trains depart at seven minutes past the hour (towards Szob); the trip takes 41 minutes. After getting off the train in Nagymaros, you walk down to the hourly car ferry that takes you across the river to Visegrád.

Train timetables can be found at

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