Planning Your Time

The Northern Cyclades are places to follow your nose, rather than being bound to a rigid itinerary. Tinos and Syros have natural rhythms based on relaxing days pottering by the water and gentle evenings lingering over dinner, with a little cultural exploration thrown in. There is joy here in stumbling upon the unexpected.

The hardest thing in Mykonos can be the fear of missing out; there is always a better, bigger, and generally more expensive thing happening elsewhere. Do remember to take time out rather than ticking off endless lists, though, as the spontaneous is often the most memorable part of any trip. Plus, do get up and go on that Delos trip, you won't be disappointed.

The Northern Cyclades work well in conjunction with Athens as the ferry trips are relatively short. Consider flying in or out of Mykonos or Syros to save time, and also combine the islands with another group; for example, the Southern Cyclades or Crete work well as a contrast.

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