Car and Scooter Travel

To take cars on ferries, you must make reservations. Though there is bus service on all islands, you may find it more convenient to travel by car, especially on a larger island like Naxos. Although islanders tend to acknowledge rules, many roads on the islands are poorly maintained, and tourists sometimes lapse into vacation inattentiveness. Drive with caution, especially at night, when you may well be sharing the roads with motorists returning from an evening of drinking. All the major islands have car- and bike-rental agencies at the ports and in the business districts. Car rentals in summer cost about €40–€80 per day, with unlimited mileage and third-party liability insurance. Full insurance costs about €15 per day more. Many places now rent Smart Cars for about €60 a day: these two-seaters are a cool way to get around.

Often travelers opt for scooters or four-wheel semi-bikes (quads), but be careful—island hospitals get filled with people with serious-looking injuries due to poor roads, slipshod maintenance, careless drivers, and excessive partying. Quads, which Greeks call gourounia (piggies), look safer than scooters but in fact turn over easily. Choose a dealer that offers 24-hour service and a change of vehicle in case of a breakdown. Most will take you from and to your plane or boat.

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