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For those driving from Athens, take the National Road (8a) via Corinth and cross the Rion Antirion Bridge on the A5, before turning east (A2) to Igoumenitsa (472 km [274 miles]), where the car ferry to Corfu departs. Alternatively, the National Road will also take you to Patras (241 km [150 miles]), where you can catch a ferry to Kefalonia (Sami) or continue west along the E55 to the port of Kyllini (317km [197 miles]), which has services to both Kefalonia (Poros) and Zakynthos.

Bus service is limited in the islands and, with just a handful of daily routes operating largely during summer, can be constrictive. Resorts also typically lie away from the main towns. A car or scooter is vital for exploring remote villages and wilder spots, such as the surprisingly rugged north of Zakynthos or the trails of Kefalonia's Ainos mountain range. As on all Greek islands, exercise caution with regard to steep, winding roads, and fellow drivers equally unfamiliar with the terrain.

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