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Charming Homes and Gardens to Instagram in Notting Hill

Pastel perfection, Regency chic, and Japanese blossoms, here are 12 of the most Instagrammable homes and gardens in Notting Hill.

Between its regal Victorian mansion blocks, gorgeous gated gardens, and those famous whimsical crescents where pastel townhouses stand in colorful striped unison, it’s no surprise that Notting Hill is an “influencers” dream neighborhood. When only the most spectacular backdrop will do for your curated feed, West London is the place to go for Insta-tourists looking for guaranteed #nofilter beauty. But where to start in a neighborhood where most streets are home to a cute front door or a set of intricate railings bound to make your picture pop? Let us influence you, with these 12 charming homes and gardens to Instagram in Notting Hill.

The Pastels and Stucco Porches of Elgin Crescent

Pastel and stucco columns? Elgin Crescent is home to the ultimate Instagrammable Notting Hill combination. Walk away from the cafes and shops close to Portobello Road and as the road becomes quieter, the photo ops become greater. No single house is the star, but there are plenty of options on this immaculate crescent bordered by private gardens.

The Iconic Alice’s Antiques

Not so much a house but a living, breathing peace of Notting Hill real estate, Alice’s at number 86 Portobello Road more than deserves a place on our list of the neighborhood’s most photogenic buildings. And besides, somebody probably lives upstairs. The famous red façade of the antique shop, enhanced by a cobbled street out front, is an iconic part of the Notting Hill fabric, so much so that it was immortalized in the Paddington films, switching its name to Grubers, but trading in the same eclectic antiques that the real life store peddles.

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The Vertical Garden at The Churchill Arms

Part pub, part home, and part urban oasis, The Churchill Arms is one of the finest examples of a thriving vertical garden anywhere in London. The shrubbery and flags that cover the façade of the pub are the main attraction but even beneath the evergreen coverage, there’s a quaint, handsome pub to be glimpsed. Rumour has it that the pub spends close to £30,000 a year on the flowers and other horticultural attachments. During the festive season, the pub goes all out, lighting itself up like one gigantic Christmas tree on the corner of Kensington Church Street.

The Pastel Houses of Hillgate Place

Black railings, immaculate stoops, and rows of multi-coloured pastel terraces are the unbeatable combination that makes Hillgate Place one of Notting Hill’s most popular streets on Instagram. There isn’t necessarily one house that stands out against the rest, it’s more the appreciation to be found in the herd of homes whose color choices each complement one another perfectly.

The Picture Postcard Row Houses of St. Luke’s Mews

The homes on St. Luke’s Mews may look like simple, unassuming row houses but you can put your dreams of owning one on hold because they fetch millions at sale. That doesn’t stop you from making use of the perfect cobbled street, colorful brickwork, charming railings, and vertical gardens of London’s Cutest Street as a backdrop for an Instagram post or ten. And just so you know, St. Luke’s Mews is also the location of the famous declaration of unrequited love in the movie Love Actually, during which the fuchsia pink house upstages both Keira Knightly and Andrew Lincoln.

The Glossy Facades of Denbigh Terrace

You’ll need elbows at the ready to get your shot because there might be some jostling needed to get in position at Denbigh Terrace. Okay, it’s not that popular a spot but don’t be surprised if you encounter other Instagrammers if you decide to visit in real life. The juxtaposition of the glossy black railings and the rows of pastel houses creates a special scene that plenty of influencers travel to capture. Try Number 19 and the houses either side of it to capture a delightful aesthetic combination.

The Pink Flat Iron on Pottery Lane

Located at the beginning of Pottery Lane, the building dubbed “the Pink Flatiron” by some influencers is worth taking a diversion away from the main attractions of Notting Hill. Jutting out at the end of a terrace like an architectural marshmallow, the building is on its way to becoming Insta-famous. Three storeys of curved, pale pink perfection.

The Regal Mansions of Stanley Gardens

The regal homes of Stanley Gardens feel like a world away from the tighter streets of Notting Hill with their cute pastels. Here, the roads can legitimately be described as boulevards and the homes are painted in a restrained, stately whitewash, which is every bit as dramatic as Notting Hill’s more colourful corners. The nearby Stanley Crescent has a cast of buildings equally as pleasing on the eye as its neighbor but comes with the added benefit of cherry trees that bloom annually, shedding their petals over the pavement to enhance any Instagram shot with that extra impossibly whimsical vibe.

The Urban Oasis at the Museum of Brands

The Museum of Brands is an excellent, if slightly niche, museum space in Notting Hill, but even if the history of consumer culture isn’t your jam, the beautiful city garden out back is well worth visiting. An arrangement of planted trees, potted shrubs, ferns, flowers, and climbers create a serene oasis in the middle of Notting Hill. Given that almost every garden in Notting Hill is private and gated, the quaint green space at the Museum of Brands is even more important to the area.

The Private Perfection of Stanley Crescent Garden

Unfortunately, Notting Hill’s garden squares are private and gated, which means if you want to Instagram their undeniable charms, you’ll have to wait for the annual Open Garden Squares Weekend when for two days only, the public is welcomed. Stanley Crescent Garden is one of the finest, with a range of species of trees, shrubs and other flora and fauna looking fine in front of the towering mansion blocks that loom over its borders.

The Movie-Famous Rosmead Garden

Fans of the movie Notting Hill will recognize Rosmead Garden from the scene when characters played by Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts hurdle the fence in the dead of night. In reality, the fence is higher and the drop once over it much steeper, so be warned against breaking the rules and wait for Open Garden Squares Weekend. If you can’t wait for the annual event, a picture in front of the arched iron gate, surrounded by creeping ivy, is the next best thing.

The Zen of the Kyoto Garden

A little piece of Japan in the heart of Holland Park, the Kyoto Garden is a beautiful outdoor space gifted to London by the city of Kyoto to symbolize the friendship between Japan and Great Britain. That was in 1991, and the garden has grown and evolved over the years, with maple trees, cherry trees (and their blossoms), tiered waterfalls, and a koi pond contributing to the zen serenity you can find. For the ultimate Instagram post, you’ll capture one of the resident peacocks in full pomp.

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