Bus Travel

Private bus operators and Danish State Railways (DSB) have collaborated to create an online travel planner called Rejseplanen, which consolidates schedule and route information for the country's trains and buses.

Eurolines links the principal Danish cities to major European cities. Säfflebussen offers routes to Sweden. Domestic companies include Thinggaard Express, Hurtigbussen, and Gråhundbus. Abildskou offers service from Copenhagen to several major cities. Bus tickets are usually sold online or on board the buses immediately before departure.


Rejseplanen. www.rejseplanen.dk.

Abildskou. 70/21–08–88; www.abildskou.dk.

Eurolines. www.eurolines.com.

Hurtigbussen. 36/13–14–15; www.hurtigbussen.dk.

Gråhundbus. 44/68–44–00; www.graahundbus.dk.

Säfflebussen. 33/23–54–20; www.safflebussen.se.

Thinggaard Express. 98/11–66–00; www.ekspresbus.dk.

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