Major U.S. agencies often plan trips covering Prague and the Czech Republic. Abercrombie & Kent, Inc. is one agency that offers package tours to the area. The largest Czech agency, Čedok, also offers package tours.

Guided Tours

Tours of Prague come under the supervision of Prague Information Service, which is reliable and always informative. The partly city-funded company organizes walking tours in Prague's city center and in the outskirts, including excursions from Prague. Many tailor-made tours can be arranged. Nonregistered guides can also be found, but unless they come with a personal recommendation from someone you trust, their services cannot be guaranteed. The Information Service rents GPS sets programmed with monument sites, restaurants, and cultural events for people who want to tour on their own; the price is 450 Kč for four hours (a deposit is required).

One small private company that does an excellent tour of the city is Custom Travel Services, operated by Jaroslav Pesta. The service offers a wide range of touring options. A full-day private walking tour of Prague with a boat ride for two or three people is 3,300 Kč, or 3,900 Kč for five to six people. The firm offers 100 different tours across the country, and also will customize a tour according to your interests.


Custom Travel Services. 608–866–454;

Prague City Tourism. The city runs several tourist information centers and offers tours. 236–002–569;

Walking Tours

Themed walking tours are popular in Prague. You can choose from tours on medieval architecture, Velvet Revolution walks, visits to communist monuments, and any number of pub crawls. Each year, four or five small operators do these tours, which generally last a couple of hours and cost 150 Kč to more than 1,000 Kč. Inquire at Prague Information Service or a major ticket agency for the current season's offerings. Most walks start at the clock tower on Old Town Square.

A special guide service is available in the Czech Republic, designed to examine and explain the country's Jewish history. The company, Wittmann Tours, offers several different tours within Prague and also outside, including the Terezín concentration camp.


Wittmann Tours. 222–252–472;

Day Tours and Guides

Boat Tours

You can take a 30- to 60-minute boat trip along the Vltava year-round with several boat companies that are based on the quays near the Malá Strana side of the Charles Bridge. It's not really necessary to buy tickets in advance, though you can; boats leave as they fill up. One of the cruise companies stands out, and it's on the Old Town side of the bridge. Prague-Venice Cruises operates restored, classic canal boats from the late 19th century; the company operates one larger boat that holds 35 passengers and eight smaller boats that hold 12 passengers.

Take one of the smaller boats—particularly one of the uncovered ones—if you can, for a more intimate narrated cruise of about 45 minutes along the Vltava and nearby canals.

Refreshments are included in all cruises. You actually set sail from beneath the last remaining span of Judith's Bridge (the Roman-built precursor to the Charles Bridge). Look for the touts in sailor suits right before the bridge; they will direct you to the ticket office. Cruises are offered daily 10:30–6 from November through February, until 8 from March through June and September through October, and until 11 in July and August. Cruises cost 290 Kč.


Prague-Venice Cruises. Křižovnické náměstí 3, Staré Mesto, Prague, Praha. 776–776–779;

Bus Tours

Čedok offers a 3½-hour "Prague Castle in Detail" tour, a combination bus and walking venture that covers the castle and major sights around town in English. The price is about 950 Kč. Stop by the main office for information on other tours and tour departure points. You can also arrange a personalized walking tour. Times and itineraries are negotiable; prices start at around 400 Kč per hour.

Very similar tours by other operators also depart daily from Náměstí Republicy, Národní třída near Jungmannovo náměstí, and Wenceslas Square. Prices are generally a couple of hundred crowns less than for Čedok's tours.


Čedok. 224–197–242;

Martin Tour. 224–212–473;

Precious Legacy Tours. 222–321–954;

Premiant City Tour. 224–946–922;

Wittmann Tours. 222–252–472;

Special-Interest Tours

One reason visitors come to the Czech Republic is to connect with their Jewish heritage. Wittmann Tours provides not only coverage of the main sights in Prague, but excursions to smaller Czech towns and to Trebíč.

Recommended Companies

Čedok. 221–447–242;

Wittmann Tours. 222–252–472;

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