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The Czech complex of regional bus lines known collectively as ČSAD operates its dense network from the sprawling Florenc station. For information about routes and schedules, consult the confusingly displayed timetables posted at the station, or visit the information window in the lower-level lobby, which is open daily from 6 am to 9 pm. The company's website will give you bus and train information in English (click on the British flag).

There are also private bus companies servicing routes between Czech towns and cities. Many of these have newer buses with added services and comfort, as well as competitive prices and seasonal deals.

Most, but not all, buses use the Florenc station. Some buses—primarily those heading to smaller destinations in the south of the country—depart from above Roztyly Metro station (Line C [red]). You won't know beforehand which buses leave from Roztyly or one of several other hubs, so you will have to ask first at Florenc or check the website. There's no central information center at most other hubs; you simply have to sort out the timetables at the bus stops or ask someone.

Buses offer an easier and quicker alternative to trains for many destinations. The western Bohemian spa town of Karlovy Vary, for example, is an easy two-hour bus ride away. The same journey by train—because of the circuitous rail route—often takes three and a half hours.

Bus Information

ČSAD. Florenc station, Křižíkova 4, Karlín, Prague, Praha, 186 00. 900–144–444; www.idos.cz.

Flixbus. Private bus company with regional and international routes. Florenc station, Křižíkova 4, Karlín, Prague, Praha. www.flixbus.cz.

Student Agency. Despite the name, you do not have to be a student to use this bus service that links Prague to many regional cities and has international routes. The company is rebranding to RegioJet to avoid confusion. 841–101–101; www.studentagency.eu.

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