Prague's 10 Loveliest Most Historic Hotels

Jennifer Rigby | December 27, 2017

Prague, the so-called "mother of cities", has no shortage of historic hotels. In fact, almost every property in the picturesque Old Town and Mala Strana districts dates back several centuries. The hotels listed below have something extra going for them. These are Prague's most historic hotels.


Art Nouveau Palace Hotel Prague

Why it made the list

More modern history is celebrated at this slightly old-fashioned Victorian-era hotel in New Town. It's all about the former guests, too--Henry Kissinger, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Whoopi Goldbe, g and Pele have all stayed here.

Perched on a busy corner in the city center, this pistachio- Read More


Unitas Hotel

Why it made the list

While Prague has many ancient structures, some of its more modern--and often darker--historical eras are reflected across its accommodation offer too. Here, you can stay in the former HQ of the terrifying communist-era secret police.

The large rooms in this former convent once served as interr Read More



Why it made the list

In the historic castle district, with great views and (see above) based in a monastery, the Questenberk has the historic box ticked.

For castle junkies, Questenberk is actually in Prague's Unes Read More

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