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Very few Croatians have visited Lastovo, though they will all tell you that it's beautiful. Like Vis, Lastovo was a Yugoslav military naval base during the Tito years, and was therefore closed to foreigners, so commercial tourism never developed. Today, there is still just one hotel.

Lying far out to sea, Lastovo is an island of green, fertile valleys and is practically self-sufficient: locally caught seafood—not least the delicious lobster—and homegrown vegetables are the staple diet. The main settlement, Lastovo Town, is made up of stone houses built amphitheater-style into a hillside, crisscrossed by cobbled alleys and flights of steps; they're renowned for tall chimneys resembling minarets. The only other settlement on the island is the small port of Ubli, which is 10 km (6 miles) from Lastovo Town.

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