The Best Hotels for a Night on the Town in Vienna

Patti McCracken | February 01, 2018
  1. Austrians crave excitement. It was an Austrian daredevil who not so long ago freefell for four minutes at the edge of space before opening his parachute. They are high octane people, — no surprise they are the inventors of Red Bull, either — and the nightlife in Vienna, if not an extreme sport, is as lively and entertaining as you’ll find anywhere.


Why it made the list

Atmosphere Rooftop is an intimate setting, where drinks flow easily, and the evening chatter lifts like wings from the terrace to the streets below.

Comprised of four, 19th C. palaces that were joined together Read More


Hotel Lamée

Why it made the list

The glitzy glamour of this boutique hotel spills out onto the rooftop as well, with the decor every bit as cheeky as it is clever. The seating pattern mimics the rooftop tiles of the Cathedral, of which there are breathtaking views from here.

The sister to Hotel Topazz across the street, this lodging i Read More


25hours Hotel Wien

Why it made the list

A beach bar without the sand, the Dachboden is a chill spot to down some decently priced beers while some nice tunes are cranked. Feel very lucky if you can get a seat on the terrace, or just be happy to mingle with the other animals inside.

Artsy, eclectic, and deliriously Bohemian, the clever circus Read More


Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom

Why it made the list

The wait can be long, but that only seems to add to the scene of utter sophistication at Das Loft. Through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, high above the town, feel like the big star, looking down around you at the glistening lights of the town.

In a city flush with Imperial architecture, the rousing mode Read More

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