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Resort development is concentrated around the capital, Willemstad, so most resorts are within easy reach of town, by shuttle or on foot. As the island becomes more developed, visitors have more options, and there are a few resorts farther removed as well, but it's the amenities that should drive your decision more than location. Choose the type of lodging that best appeals to your interests and style. Those spending a bit more time gravitate to villas and bungalows.

Resorts: Most of Curaçao’s larger hotels are midsize resorts of 200 to 300 rooms, and many of them are within easy striking distance of town, but some are secreted away in their own neighborhoods like Santa Barbara or Jan Thiel and Pietermaai. The island offers a full range of resorts from the intimate and luxurious to historic properties—few other destinations offer a downtown hotel with a saltwater infinity pool complete with palm-lined beach.

Dive Resorts: Most of the resorts catering to divers are smaller operations of fewer than 100 rooms (often much smaller). Although some of these are in and around Willemstad, there are also a few on the secluded west end of the island, and that's where shore diving is best.

Villas and Bungalows: Though they are marketed primarily to European travelers who have more time to spend on the island, self-catering accommodations are an option for anyone who has at least a week to spend in Curaçao. Coral Estates has gorgeous villa homes to rent.

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