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Elsewhere on Curaçao

As you drive out of town the arid, cacti-studded outback becomes rougher the farther you travel inland, and you might feel as if you have been transported into a stretch of Arizona desert. Wild donkeys and goats might step off onto the road, so use caution on curvy stretches, and be sure to bring plenty of water.

Many of Curaçao’s secret attractions and tiny towns are pocketed within plain sight if you know where to go. One simple turnoff might lead to a spectacular beach like Cas Abao, or a beautiful plantation house like the Tula Museum at Kenepa or the art gallery at Jan Kok. Or maybe it will lead to a natural wonder like the salt pool full of flamingoes at Salina St. Marie or the thunderous blowhole at Boca Pistol. Make sure to get a good map and clear directions to unearth all the unique adventures scattered throughout the kunuku (countryside) as few are easily sighted from the main roads, but often not very far from them. Christoffel National Park and Shete Boka Park are protected preserves well worth exploring as well. And you’ll find plenty of information and assistance at their new Savonet Museum there.

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