Port Howe

At the conch shell–lined traffic roundabout at the southernmost end of the Queen's Highway, you must turn either east or west; head east out toward Port Howe, believed by many to be Cat Island's oldest settlement. Nearby lie the ruins of the Deveaux Mansion, a stark two-story, whitewashed building overrun with vegetation and pretty much unexploreable. Once it was a grand house on a cotton plantation, owned by Captain Andrew Deveaux of the British Navy, who was given thousands of acres of Cat Island property as a reward for his daring raid that recaptured Nassau from the Spaniards in 1783. Just beyond the mansion ruin is the entrance road to the Greenwood Beach Resort, which sits on an 8-mile stretch of unblemished, velvet pink-sand beach, but its fate as an operational hotel was up in the air at this writing.

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