New Bight

Yachts large and small anchor off the coast of Regatta Beach, and boaters dingy in to the Custom House, located in a small collection of government buildings, in this pretty little community, the largest town on the island. Houses face the Queen's Highway, which twists through green hills. Yachties and visitors stock up at the small grocery store and a bakery. The island's most iconic sight is Mt. Alvernia, which is crowned with a historic little abbey. There's also a colorful Fish Fry, a collection of fish shacks on Regatta Beach that's a lively hangout at nights and on weekends, lovely old churches, and eerie abandoned stone cottages, many of which are plantation ruins. The town sits along a thin, Australian pine–lined white beach on the west coast and has peaceful saltwater estuaries, nesting areas for great blue herons, egrets, and pelicans.

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