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Bligh Water Shipping operate a vehicle and passenger ferry that runs between Natovi and Savasavu on alternate days, departing the one port at 7 pm, and arriving the other port at about 4 am. Prices vary widely according to passengers' age and in which class/cabin they travel, but even economy rates are not much cheaper than domestic airfares. Check the website for rates and departure dates.

For a long but wonderfully scenic journey from Taveuni, Grace Shipping does an hour-long crossing departing from the Korean Wharf in Naqara to Buca Bay on the eastern end of Vanua Levu, followed by a 3½ hour bus over the lush, mountainous (and rough) Hibiscus Highway to Savusavu and on to Labasa. Call the office or inquire at Naqara on Taveuni or at the Savusavu bus station office (the bus from Savusavu to Taveuni is marked "Taveuni" and leaves around 6:45 am).


Bligh Water Shipping. Waterfront building, Main St., Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Northern. 331–8247; www.blighwatershipping.com.fj.

Grace Shipping Services. Grace Shipping Services runs a ferry on the Buca Bay-Taveuni route with connecting express buses to Savusavu and Labasa. The ferry departs every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. A one-way trip, which includes express bus and ferry, is F$30 for the Labasa-Waiyevo route; it's F$20 for the Savusavu-Waiyevo route. Call for times and trip details. Naqara Rd., Lot 18, Taveuni, Northern. 888--0320.

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