Si Satchanalai

Si Satchanalai, a sister city to Sukhothai, was governed by a son of Sukhothai's reigning monarch. Despite its secondary position, the city grew to impressive proportions, and the remains of about 200 of its temples and monuments survive, most of them in a ruined state, but many well worth seeing.

With its expanse of neatly mowed lawns, Sukhothai is sometimes criticized for being too well groomed. But Si Satchanalai, spread out on 228 acres on the banks of the Mae Yom River, remains a quiet place with a more ancient, undisturbed atmosphere. It isn't difficult to find the ruins of a temple where you won't be disturbed for hours. Accommodations near the park are limited, so most visitors stay in Sukhothai, but Si Satchanalai Historical Park has plenty of casual dining spots where you can get lunch.

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