3 Best Places to Shop in Bintulu, Malaysia

ParkCity Mall

With a good range of Western and Malaysian stores (including an Apple Store) and long opening hours (10 am to 10 pm daily), ParkCity Mall is truly a one-stop shopping experience. There’s also a good range of restaurants on the third floor.

Pasar Malam Night Market

You'll find this lively night market within walking distance of many hotels, and it's a great place to browse the more than 150 stalls hawking everything from clothing to electronics to toys. You can also get a quick and affordable dinner here. Pasar Malam is open every night.

Jalan Abang Galau, Bintulu, 97000, Malaysia

Pasar Utama and Pasar Tamu

These busy covered markets are side by side in the center of town and are a great place to interact with the locals. Look for local delicacies, including belachan (salted shrimp paste), cincaluk (fermented shrimp paste, made with vinegar and salt), fruit, and other treats at the food stands. There's also a "wet market" in Pasar Utama where fish and seafood are traded.

Jalan Main Bazaar, Bintulu, 97000, Malaysia

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