Bali Top Reasons to Go

Culture Club: Balinese people love sharing their entrancing Hindu culture with newcomers. Visit an odalan, or local temple festival, for a peek at the ancient rituals,

Get Wet: Surrounded by clear blue seas, Bali has terrific beaches for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing. Long walks on the beach are practically required.

Learn a Trade: Bali’s famed artists and artisans give lessons in painting, carving, and other island crafts, as well traditional dance, music, and puppetry.

Take a Hike: Climb a live volcano, ramble around terraced rice fields, or trek through fragrant plantations with vistas of the distant mountains.

Chill Out: Get rid of stress with yoga classes, traditional therapies, legendary spa treatments, or just feeling the breeze in a tropical garden.

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Bali Top Reasons to Go

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Bali Top Reasons to Go

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