Restaurants on this route generally serve kebabs and other grilled meats, biryanis (rice casseroles), and the rich almond-and-saffron-scented concoctions of Mughlai (Mughal-style) cuisine. Most hotels offer a menu of Indian (with choices from various regions), continental, Chinese (adapted for Indian tastes), and sometimes Thai or Japanese dishes; Khajuraho has several Italian restaurants. Small places in villages along the way have simple local vegetarian dishes that are often delicious and cheap. Also keep an eye out for South Indian joints, where a delicious spiced-potato-filled dosa (crisp rice crepe) will fill you up for a 70 rupees or less and is tremendously satisfying. Most restaurants are open from 7 to 10 for breakfast, noon to 3 for lunch, and 7:30 to 11 for dinner; hotels often have a 24-hour or all-day coffee shop.

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