1 Best Sight in Central Mumbai, Mumbai

Magen Hassidim Synagogue

Central Mumbai

This Hasidic synagogue is probably Mumbai's most active synagogue, but being in Byculla, it's not really much of a tourist destination; it's also not always open to visitors. But if you're in the area---which is actually in the Muslim area of Madanpura---you can view this Bene Israel shrine from the outside and talk to locals. The congregation and caretakers at this well-attended shrine (with about 750 members) can lend insight into the future of this community. Although the communities of Baghdadi and Cochini Jews have dwindled to just a few thousand, the Bene Israel community continues to modestly prosper. Magen Hassidim is the face of India's modern Jews, the ones who generally don't plan to migrate to Israel and who are now part of the nation's mainstream.

Maulana Azad Rd., Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400029, India