Taxi and Auto-Rickshaw Travel

Goa has a unionized taxi system with fixed rates from point A to point B. They are expensive, but this is the best way to get around in Goa if money isn’t a constraint. You don't really need to contact a tour operator, as there will usually be a taxi stand outside your hotel. If not, the hotel will call one for you from the nearest stand. Fares are not negotiable (in theory), and drivers charge a fixed rate displayed on a board at every taxi stand. If you are visiting a number of places and covering a lot of ground, it makes more sense to hire a taxi for a four- or eight-hour stretch (Rs. 1,500 for four hours), and pay an additional rate (Rs. 12) for every kilometer above 80 km (50 miles). Round-trip distances are calculated even for one-way journeys. Taxis levy a surcharge when they operate at night.

Most hotels can arrange taxis to take you around, either to the beach, restaurants, or shopping, and nothing is too far given the state's small size.

Auto-rickshaws, otherwise known as autos in India and "tuk-tuks" elsewhere in Southeast Asia, are easy to find. They cost less than taxis, but there are no fixed rates, so before climbing in ask a local or a knowledgeable visitor what the fare should be to your destination. Autos are best for short distances in town rather than for jaunts across the state.

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