Rappelling and Swinging

Abseil Zambia. For something completely different, Abseil Zambia has taken some specially designed heavy-duty steel cables, combined them with various pulleys and rigs, one dry gorge, and a 100% safety record to entertain both the fainthearted and the daring. The full day is great value, as it includes lunch, refreshments, and as many repeats of the activities as you like. Keep in mind that you will have to climb out after the gorge swing and the rappel. A half day is advised during the hot months of October–December. Work up an appetite for more daring drops by starting on the zip line (or flying fox). You run off a ramp while attached to the line, and the sensation is pure freedom and surprisingly unscary, as you are not moving up or down. Next rappel down into the 175-foot gorge, and, after you climb out, try it again facing forward. It's called a rap run. You're literally walking down the cliff face. End the day with the king of adrenaline activities, a whopping 175-foot, 3½-second vertical free-fall swing into the gorge. Three-two-one—hoooo-ha! Payment is only accepted in Kwacha Batoka Gorge, Livingstone, Southern. 213/32–1188; www.thezambeziswing.com. From US$139; swing, US$95 for one swing.