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Unlike inland destinations that get too hot in summer, high season for the coast is July and August, with peaks at Christmas, New Year's Day, and June. The best months for visiting may be September and October, when it’s off-season but still warm. Summer tends to be busy with vacationing Moroccan families; spring in Agadir is the main season for vacationers and families from abroad. Surfers and water-sports fans come year-round, although winter and early spring are by far the best times for surf.

In the Souss Valley, spring is the most spectacular time to visit, when almond trees and wildflowers are in bloom, the harvest is near, and the weather is sunny but not too hot. Fall temperatures are moderate, but landscapes are a bit drabber after the summer harvest. As long as rains don't wash out the roads, winter is pleasant as well—it is particularly popular for climbers in the mountains. Coastal areas are mild, although inland temperatures can be cold and heated rooms hard to find. If you must come in summer, stick to the coast: even an hour inland, in Taroudant, the July and August heat is unbearable in all but the nighttime hours.

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