6 Best Places to Shop in Ghana

African Art Work

Contemporary style with a touch of Africa are among the offerings at this shop, including Africian print tunics, jewelry, and prints showing colorful African scenes.

Arts Centre Market

All prices are negotiable, as they should be at an indoor/outdoor public market. Get lost in the maze of textiles, clothing, jewelry, carvings, bags, and musical instruments—whew! Deep breath. Continue—antiques, leather, wood furniture, and metal ornaments. The best stuff is sometimes outside. The less stressful area is at the market’s rear.

28th February Rd., Accra, Ghana
Shopping Details
Rate Includes: Weekdays 8:30–5, Sat. 9–3

Joe’s Perspective Art Boutique

Modern fine art meets West African culture here, with a splendid display of metal sculptures, wood carvings, trinkets, paintings, masks, boxes, and more. This is the real thing. Look but don’t touch, unless you’re buying.

Independence Av., Accra, Ghana

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Kobsin Hands

Pick up a modern special-occasion dress in bright colors that will never let you forget your vacation in Africa. Back home at parties and receptions, the looks designed here will be conversation pieces for sure. Menswear is an option.

Market Circle

This lively daily market is truly in the heart of downtown, in the middle of a traffic circle, and is the place to experience the local economy. Arrive early to get the best pick of Ghanaian and African handicrafts, raffia furniture, carved wood items, and masks. Over the years, the market has grown to enormous size. Banking, trading, grocery shopping, and, of course, lots of hawking happens. Be prepared for noise, crowds, and muddy areas (don’t wear your good sneakers).

Market Circle, Takoradi, Ghana

Melcom Plus

On rainy days or hot days when air conditioning is mandatory, hit the mall. Three stories high, it’s loaded with name-brand offerings, although the names may be different from the ones you’re used to seeing back home. The goods are pretty much the same: electronics, books, fashion, housewares, and the obligatory mall coffee shop, food court, and kids' bouncy castle.

2nd Palace Link Rd., Accra, Ghana