Writing Reviews

What makes a great review?

It only takes a moment to share your thoughts on a property you have visited. The more details you provide, the better. Balanced reviews that touch on the pluses and minuses of the experience are most helpful for other travelers researching future trips. Tips are welcome too.

Can I review a business that I am connected to?

Please do not write reviews for businesses that you work for currently or have been employed by in the past.

Why doesn’t my review appear on the site?

All reviews are read by Fodor’s staff before they are posted on the site. If your review does not appear, it probably has not been read by us yet. To check the status of a review, please send an email to [email protected]

How do I write a review?

We currently have online guides to more than 400 destinations, and we’re adding new guides all the time. The recommendations and reviews you see here come directly from our award-winning guidebook series. Any places we include in our guides are by definition worth your time, unless we say otherwise. And we do. Do you agree with our assessments? Let us know by posting a review. To post a review, first click “Destinations” in the navigation bar to view the online guides that are currently available. On the left side of each guide are sections for reviews of hotels, restaurants, sights, nightlife, and shopping. After choosing the correct section, you can browse reviews by category or jump to a full alphabetical list of reviews. Each of our listings includes a “Rate it” link.

If we do not currently review a property that you’ve visited, you can recommend it to us here.

How can I nominate a property for Fodor’s to review?

We love to hear recommendations from our members and readers. If you’ve discovered a property that you think we should check out, please recommend it here.

Why doesn’t Fodor’s have an online guide for _____?

Although we’re always adding new guides, we don’t have a guide for everything. If there’s a guide that you are interested in seeing online, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected].

Why was my review removed?

All member reviews are read and reviewed before they are posted on the site. We decline reviews that:

  • are based on secondhand experiences. Your review should reflect your own experience, not one you’ve heard about from someone else.
  • include offensive material or personal attacks.
  • we believe are phony or planted by businesses, their employees, or their ex-employees.

Where can I view my past reviews?

After you review a property, a link to your review will appear in your member profile. Simply click your Member Name at the top of any page on Fodors.com to view links to all of your reviews.