What does the search in the top navigation return?

The search in the top navigation searches the entire Fodors.com site, including the site's destination guides, news section, and the forums.

How do I search the forums only?

To search just the forums, go to www.fodors.com/community/ and enter your search terms in the "Search the Forums" field.

What is the difference between the simple "search the forums" form and the advanced search?

The "Search the Forums" box appears at the top of every page in the forums. A search here will return title matches and links to member profiles. For example, a search for Paris apartments will results in a list of topics with Paris or apartments in the title.

To broaden or narrow the scope of your search, try our advanced search. Under the search term field check the "search full topic and replies" to expand your search beyond topic titles. Please note this search will be slower than searching only titles. With the advanced search, you can also search for topics or comments by Member Name, search a single forum, or search a specific date range.

How can I search for an exact phrase?

To search for an exact phrase, place your search terms in quotes.

When I search for a member's name why don't I find all of the topics that they have started or commented on?

The site's basic search will only find topics with that member's name in their title; it will also give you a link to that member's profile. Click on the member's name to view the topics they have started or participated on. You can also use our advanced search to locate posts by Member Name.