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Fodor’s Week in Travel: Off the Beaten Path

Nothing ruins a vacation like being stuck in the middle of a crowd, and with so many great things to see away from the throngs, there's no reason your next trip shouldn't take you somewhere blissfully secluded. This week, we did some digging to find the best places that you won't find in every guidebook, to make sure you won't have to fight to get that perfect view. Whether you're looking to escape the Parisian crowds or jet off to a lesser-known city in the Far East, we'll help you get away from it all in our weekly roundup.

Five Under-the-Radar Gems in Ireland

There's more to see in this beautiful country than anyone possibly could in one trip, so opt for a less-crowded, more authentic itinerary and visit these 5 under-the-radar gems in Ireland.

Five Reasons to Visit Hangzhou, China

While most tourists will head north to Shanghai, set your sights on this metropolitan city to the south for a more unique experience. One of our editors gives you five great reasons to visit Hangzhou, China.

10 Best Views in Paris

If you want to see the City of Light's most popular spots without the lines, consider viewing them from afar (and perhaps while enjoying delicious French cuisine) with a visit to one of the 10 best views in Paris.

Walking Guide to Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar doesn't often top the list of many Western travelers, so while the city is bustling, you won't find yourself stuck in the middle the tourist crowd. Experience Yangon like a local with a stroll through the country's former capital, and check out our walking guide to Yangon for a little guidance (but not too much) before you set out. 

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