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Fodor’s Week in Travel: Know Before You Go

Travel smarts will get you far in your forays around the world. When you know the right gear to bring, the right transportation to take, and the right things to do when you get to your destination, the only thing left on your checklist is to have fun. This week, we at Fodor’s have written all about intelligent travel, so nourish your mind (and sense of adventure) with our weekly roundup.

10 Books to Read Before You Go to New York City

The Big Apple has long attracted and inspired writers who document the city’s seductive energy in their novels and poetry. Gain a new perspective for your next New York jaunt with a title from our list of the top 10 books to read before you go to NYC.

Fodor’s Approved: 10 Best Carry-On Bags for 2014

There’s nothing worse than being partway through a trip and having problems with your luggage. Luckily for you, we tested a bunch of this year’s top new carry-on bags and found 10 great ones to add to your holiday wishlist.

5 Small Airlines You Should Know

As with life, travel is about the journey, not the destination. That’s why it’s important to find an enjoyable mode of transportation from point A to point B—in this case, 5 of our favorite small airlines that offer major perks.

5 Must-See Exhibitions in Miami During Art Basel

Miami’s most popular contemporary art event, held in early December, offers an overwhelming number of galleries and artists competing for visitors’ attention. Maximize your time by taking a look at any of these 5 must-see exhibitions of Art Basel 2014.

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