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This Is Where Your Favorite Celebrities Have Been Jet-Setting to During Lockdown

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The celebs skirting the rules and those embracing local travel.

Let’s set the record straight: celebrities are not like us. Though they might sometimes shop at our same Trader Joe’s or read the books we read or indulge in trash TV, when it comes right down to it, they’re different. The pandemic hit and you and I, well, we’re still sitting at home. Maybe one weekend we took a nice long drive or joined some socially-distanced friends for a camping trip, but overall, we’ve settled in with the knowledge that we’ll probably be in our homes for the foreseeable future. But when the rich and famous heard that we were locking-down, they seem to have interpreted that “we” didn’t include them.

Nothing is off-limits when you can charter a private jet and offer countries and resorts serious cash. While we’re hunkering down with board games and take-out, our favorite celebrities are jetting off, exploring the world, and enjoying countries’ now empty beaches. So, ready your fingers for some tsk-tsk-ing, this is where your favorite celebrities are traveling.

The Biebers

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Singer Justin and supermodel Hailey seem to be anywhere but home. This A-list couple has loaded up their Winnebago and taken a little advice from Fodor’s, spending their summer road tripping the U.S. Enjoying the red-rocks and heat of Utah to lunching in Chicago’s trendy West Loop with Chance the Rapper, these two have been making the most of their downtime. While many celebrities have taken the time to explore otherwise off-limit countries, these two have remained CDC compliant. Sometimes you’ve got to give credit where credit is due: congrats on doing the bare minimum!

Dua Lipa

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St. Lucia disposables 🥽🐠🐬

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Pop star Dua Lipa has not been quite as compliant as the former happy-couple. She and beau/model/Hadid-sibling Anwar jetted off to the Caribbean to enjoy the sun, surf, and clean beaches of St. Lucia. And after traveling from the United States, with a significantly higher COVID-19 rate, to visit the small and relatively unaffected island, the two jetted right back to NYC to once again be in the heart of the U.S. outbreak. Was their travel illegal? No. Was it perhaps in poor taste given the current state of our world to “Island Isolate”? Big fan of Ms. Lipa, but the verdict is in and it seems the two of you have been found guilty.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Some of the first celebrities to test positive for COVID-19 while abroad in Australia have decided, simply, they’re not coming back. Oscar darlings and your parent’s favorite couple, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson saw the hot mess waiting for them back in the United States and decided that a return might not be in their best interest. Looking to enjoy the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle, along with avoiding another bump-in with coronavirus, this couple just became honorary Greek citizens. As it turns out, yes, anything is possible when your credit card has no limit.


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Everyone’s favorite featured artist has headed to Turks and Caicos to do what he calls “Liv[ing] the F*** Out of [Life]!” And what exactly does that entail? Well, for Ludacris it has meant smoking the finest cigars, jumping off boats, recharging in his lavish rental, and, apparently, discovering new islands. In a video posted to his Instagram, the rapper shows his followers his “discovered” island, now dubbed “Ludacris Island.” We have many questions about this situation, such as: Has Ludacris been walking the ocean for days looking to stumble upon new land? Where is his boat? Will he provide free health care to his new nation? And, lastly, why is he vacationing during a pandemic?

Kylie Jenner

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The youngest of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner left her Los Angeles home for the popular-among-celebrities luxury resort, Amangiri, in Canyon Point, Utah. Escaping from the buzz of the city (as well as the spike in COVID-19 cases), Jenner and daughter Stormi headed to this rock retreat to make like the lizards and soak up the sun in the Utah desert. With 33 other suites at this resort, who knows what celebrity, perhaps more Instagram-discreet, could have been next door?


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As a Canadian native, perhaps this jet-setter is within his travel rights. Heading to ex-S.O. Rihanna’s neck of the woods, Drake partook in a little rest and relaxation during his Barbados vacation. Enjoying time with friends and time on a yacht (and time with friends on said yacht), the rapper took a break from coronavirus-worry to say “hello” to the Caribbean (ugh, if only we could do the same). Going to and from on his private plane (“jet” does not encompass the size of this craft), Drake and his Canadian ID got a getaway the rest of us can only imagine for now. Tell Barbados hello for us!

Christina Aguilera

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The iconic pop-star has set quite the example for everyone at home desperate to hit the road. Fueling up the RV, the Aguilera family hit the road to enjoy the great Pacific coast. While an RV trip might not be what we tend to envision when thinking of a pop-diva’s getaway, this trip, which included waterfalls, family time, sun, and probably a pretty jam-packed van, is the perfect moment away from home for a pop-diva looking to keep herself, her kids, and others safe. But Christina, if you’re reading, a quick proposal: If you’re looking to trade out mansion life for the lack-of-privacy-and-personal-space-life, shoot me a quick email and we can arrange a trade.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

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It’s everyone’s favorite celebrity couple doing what they do best: lavish things while pretending it’s normal. They have a reputation of being both relatable and extravagant to uphold—relatable-y they needed some time to decompress. Unrelatable-y, they did that in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in a mansion with friends and chefs.

Timothée Chalomet and Eiza Gonzalez

This is a couple no one saw coming, but sometimes a pandemic hits and you pair up with who is close. The Call Me by Your Name actor and the Baby Driver actress were spotted together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, enjoying the pool and sun together. And it seems the world was so distracted by this COVID-couple we looked past the whole “in Cabo together during a pandemic.” Though travel to Mexico is permitted, let’s just say we’re frowning upon it from the inside of our homes we haven’t left in months.

Jessica Alba

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The Honest Company founder is honestly keeping it safe with her travels. Not traveling too far, actress Jessica Alba took her family to enjoy quarantine in a place a bit more tranquil than L.A. Boarding a canoe in Wyoming, Alba set off, mask in tow, to enjoy her socially-distanced time in nature (nature within the CDC’s recommendation).