The Very Best Packable Hats For Every Traveler

Pack that hat with pride.

Travelers gather ‘round, for we will now discuss a tricky topic: hats.

There is a hat for every traveler–this much is true. However, traveling with a hat can be tricky, if the hat is not easily packable into one’s suitcase. You only have so much room, and if you’re checking a bag, that hat might get roughed up a little in transit. There is a solution–a hat that is advertised as “packable.” But, wait–how do you know which packable hat is right for you? This could, perhaps, take years to figure out by trial and error, but I don’t want you to have to go through that. We scoured Amazon (dot com) for the best of the best crowns for your traveling head–here are our packable findings, to keep you comfortable and your face protected.

PHOTO: Courtesy of San Diego Hat Company/Amazon
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This Hat That Shows Up Folded

The San Diego Hat Company Women’s Ultrabraid Visor shows up folded, so you know it’s foldable. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, simple visor hat, this is the way to go. There aren’t any frills here–just an easily folded visor with an adjustable velcro strap. However, this hat is made of paper and recycled polyester and is, therefore, a very environmentally friendly hat choice. And all this for $12.99 is quite respectable.

This hat is for you if: You don’t want any nonsense.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Lanzom/Amazon
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This Stylish Yet Subdued Panama Roll Up Hat

The Lanzom Wide Brim Straw Panama Roll Up Hat is as regular of a hat that you will ever possibly find, probably, but $15.99 is a good price for a Panama hat and I am not going to sit here and deny that. This hat is elegant without being extravagant, and also has to capability to be crushed down into almost nothing into your suitcase, and still pop back into its normal shape upon arrival.

This hat is for you if: You need a simple hat meant for lounging and walking. This is the everyman’s hat.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Comhats/Amazon
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This Hat That Is Like The Last Hat But More Curved

The SiggiHat Packable UPF Straw Sunhat looks a lot like the previously mentioned roll-up hat but more curved, and kind of looks like an egg. There is an optional chinstrap to keep it from flying off your head in windy conditions. The firm brim keeps you looking sharp, while still having the ability to fold into a suitcase like a charm. Also, those with large heads rejoice: One Amazon user states: “Finally found a hat to fit my big head!” Another user adds, “FASHIONABLE GARDENING, BEACH, FLEA MARKETS AND FARMERS MARKETS…TOTALLY COOL AND FLATTERING.” Good to know!

This hat is for you if: You appreciate bonnets but don’t want to go full-bonnet quite yet.

PHOTO: Courtesy of CAMOLAND/Amazon
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This Large Beach Cap For Women

The CAMOLAND Sun Visor Hats Women 5.5” Large Beach Cap is perfect simplicity. 100% cotton and only $12.99 is a pretty good combination, and this hat feels sporty without being aggressively sporty. Anyone, whatever their sportiness level is, can pull off this hat. It’s adjustable and the wide brim provides excellent sun protection–and it’s lightweight and breathable, so your forehead won’t sweat off after wearing it in the heat for more than five minutes. Bonus: This hat is large.

This hat is for you if: You’re feeling slightly sporty but won’t be entering in a volleyball tournament during your vacation.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Tirrinia/Amazon
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This Safari Hat That Was Meant To Be Folded

The Tirrinia Unisex Wide Brim Safari Hat checks all of the preventative boxes, with its wide brim to protect from harmful UV rays and a material made up of protective micro-fibers. The only drawback to this hat is that it is advertised as only fitting small heads–so if you’ve got a small head, this hat is safe to buy. The adjustable strap and tighter actual headspace made it a sturdy hat choice that won’t fly off your head in the wind. Favorite tip from user reviews: This hat is great for gardeners.

This hat is for you if: You are a gardener.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Henschel Hat Company
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This Adventurer’s Hat

The Henschel Crushable Soft Mesh Aussie Breezer Hat is a durable classic travel hat made of nylon and cotton and comes in many a color choice. It looks like the hat of a brave adventurer and is ideal for those doing just that–or, you know, going on a hike somewhere. This hat comes with all your favorite features: chin strap, soft sweatband, and the ability to crush into a tiny space in your suitcase. Says one reviewer: “The search for the perfect hat is over.” At last–it’s over.

This hat is for you if: You’re ready for adventure… or maybe you aren’t and just want it to seem like you are and also you don’t want the sun in your eyes.

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