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20 Amazing Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Here's 20 gifts perfect for anyone and everyone on your list.

After a doozy of a year, we’ve slowly yet surely, ever so trepidatiously, made it off of our couches and back out there. From trips big and small, to flights far and wide, travel is back. And this time of year, as we reflect, make our lists, check them twice (and try to figure out how to pronounce “Omicron”) we realize there’s much to celebrate.

But our biggest reason to exclaim “joy to the world” might be the reunions we’ve gotten with loved ones, cherished friends, and family who make our journeys that more special. Wondering what to gift them? We’ve got you. From fun, nifty gadgets, to germaphobe-friendly kits, from outdoors-y gear to something for the Disney Adult™ in your life, we’ve found amazing gifts for everyone on your list. Still stumped? Check out our Gifts That Bring the World To Your Door Guide. Happy gifting and don’t be afraid to forward this list to someone who needs a little hint.

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For Your Friend With the National Park Pass - Tushy Portable Bidet

Let’s face it. Camping–while fun!–is gross. Days in the wilderness, surrounded by earth and sleeping on the ground will leave you smelling a bit ripe. Not to mention the unsavoriness of public restrooms or worse! Digging a hole for your you-know-what. Thankfully, Tushy, the makers of your favorite lockdown device, the bougie bidet, have made a travel bidet that promises a “powerful and refreshing” clean on the go. It’s cute, sleek, the perfect size, and attached to your keychain. Gift it to your friend with the national park pass and/or their reluctant travel companion being forced away from precious Wi-Fi. Pro tip: This also makes a wonderful gift for new moms, IYKYK.

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For Your Friend Who Wasn't Able to Travel in 2021 - Good and Well Supply Co National Park Candles

We love a good candle here at Fodor’s. And they make for an easy, beautiful gift as most people feel bad splurging on something out of the $10 range. Scent is also deeply tied to memory, so why not gift your National Park trekking pal one of these cozy candles from Good and Well Supply Co? Lead free, eco-friendly, and vegan, these candles smell fresh and are intensely scented, so you can make your whole house smell like huckleberry, bergamot, vanilla, and balsam — AKA, Glacier National Park. Even better, Seattle-based Good and Well Supply Co donates a portion of it’s profits to Washington National Park Fund and the National Park Foundation.

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For Your Active Friend - Foldable Kayak

Despite my earlier remarks about the filthiness of camping, whilst camping, I do love kayaking. But the problem is rentals are often first-come, first-served in popular areas, while the cost and jumbo size of buying my own kayak are prohibitive. This foldable (!) kayak is a seriously cool product that rids both problems. With a 3 year warranty, easy-to-assemble design, and lightweight, durable design, this kayak makes a fun gift. Plus, since it’s foldable, it’s wrappable! Ta-da!

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For the Dad on the Go - A6 Memobottle

Ever find yourself trying to shove your enormous water bottle into your carry-on at the airport? Its shape and size make it particularly annoying to tote around in your backpack or bag. Enter the A6 Memobottle. This flask rethinks the design of your typical water bottle, as it’s completely flat. Leakproof and freezer proof, it makes the perfect gift for dads, who are always easily impressed and notoriously hard to gift for. Gift him this enviro-friendly bottle with another bottle of his favorite beverage of choice, and you’ve got a gift that’ll maintain your spot as Favorite Child.

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For the Friend Who Loves Their Furry Friend - Petlibro Water Fountain

Got a friend who’s always out-of-town but is obsessed with their 16-year-old cat, Jenny? (Okay that friend is me.) Give them this super stylish and quiet water fountain so their cat always has access to cool, fresh water. We love this fountain because unlike most others on the market it’s sleek, quiet, and is beautifully designed. It’s also seriously affordable so you can toss in some of Jenny’s–ahem, their cats’–favorite treats too.


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For Your Actual Furry Friend - Furbo Dog Treat Tossing Camera

Your friend or family member that is pet-obsessed will also love this treat tossing camera that doubles as a pet cam. Even while away from their furry friend, pet owners can toss them a treat and check-in from afar. The camera also sends push notifications when their dog is barking, and even has night vision. It makes a great gift for pet parents that often go out of town or are returning to the office and need to reduce their pet’s separation anxiety.

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For the Anxious Traveler - Plant People CBD "Be Calm" Capsules

Raise your hand if a slight case of post-pandemic PTSD has given you travel jitters. Fear no more! These CBD capsules use a blend of herbal and apoptogenic ingredients to deliver serious calming vibes on flights, queasy road trips, and family reunions where you are forced to interact with your least-favorite cousin. Be sure to check out our guide to traveling with CBD too before you buy.


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For the Restless Traveler - The Good Patch Relax Patch

An affordable, easy, and discreet alternative to CBD comes in the form of The Good Patch’s popular Relax patches. With an ultra-calming blend of ashwagandha, passionflower, and ginger root, these patches slip easily into a carry-on and make a great stocking stuffer. Simply peel and stick the patch onto your wrist and think happy thoughts (cinnamon rolls, Lee Pace’s abs, that first sip of morning coffee….mmm.) Pro tip: The Good Patch also makes other excellent travel patches for period pain, hangovers, and sleep troubles.

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For the Traveling Germaphobe - Euka On The Go Kit

We’re all kinda germaphobes now, huh? Which means anyone on your list will appreciate the Euka On The Go Kit. Formulated by doctors, with a focus on respiratory wellness, all of Euka’s products are vegan, plant-based, and made in the US. And they’re backed by science. Their East-meets-West philosophy means delicious, smell-good, feel-good products that work to kill germs and help you feel your best while traveling. Their adorable On The Go kit includes sanitizing wipes, an aromatherapy roller, immunity supplements, saline spray, and (our favorite) a shower bomb for a spa-like, post-travel steam.

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For the Vanlife Couple - Jackery Portable Solar Powered Power Station

Know a couple or friend embarking on the Great American Road Trip, or taking a leap and setting out for #vanlife? Don’t let them hit the road without a Jackery Portable Power Station. It is the gift that will keep all of their devices charged, help them power van life essentials like fans and lights, and can be charged via solar panel.

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For the Traveling Kids (& Their Parents) - Warmies Stuffed Animals

Want to be the cool aunt…the absolute Godsend to your friend with a young child? Give them (or their kids) this incredible gift. This microwavable plush stuffed animal chills out anxious traveling tots with a blend of natural materials and dried lavender, so not only is this adorable toy warm and cuddly, it actually provides aromatherapy. These stuffed critters come in a variety of animals, although we’re partial to this extremely cute sloth.

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For the Disney Obsessed - Baby Yoda Amazon Echo Dot Holder

The Disney obsessed. We know them. We love them. And while they may seem easy to gift for, it can be a challenge because there is just. so. much. Disney merchandise to choose from. However, everyone can agree on this The Child Amazon Echo Dot Holder. Because everyone loves Baby Yoda. If not, foolish you are.


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For the SERIOUSLY Disney Obsessed - The Wonders of Walt Disney World Book

In the rare case Yoda won’t do, Fodor’s contributor Tarah Chieffi also alerted us to this Disney book that is one-part Disney secrets, one-part guidebook, one-part Disney history book. It’s basically the book you need to plan an incredible trip to the parks, with insider tips and tricks. Gift it to your friend planning their next Disney parks trip with some much beloved Disney ears and you’ll become their favorite person.

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For the One Who Is Always Cold - Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throw

Whether you’re outdoors, indoors, on a plane, or in the car, there is always the friend or family member who is freezing. Swaddle them with the gift of warmth with this It gift from Barefoot Dreams. The Kardashian-favorite blanket is often sold out due to its Instagrammable viral fame, but we found this throw version online Amazon, slightly cheaper than it’s normal $$$ price-point. It’s perfect for trips, stylish, and a great gift for teens, grandparents, and yes, the perpetually cold.


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For the Beach Bum - Bay Laurel Beach Towel

We all know friends or family who prefer beach getaways for trips, especially this time of year. Sun soakers will love this lightweight beach towel, comes with its own travel bag, and best of all–repels sand. Know a family spending the new year in Hawaii/Turks and Caicos/Jamaica, etc? Get everyone this affordable towel they can stow in their luggage. It’ll stay dry, odor-free, and won’t get sand all over.


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For the Pic Snapper - Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro 2-in-1 Instant Camera and Photo Printer

Camera purists beware, this fun, instant 2-in-1 camera combines the zippiness of old-school print cameras with the ease of a smartphone. Point, click, and shoot instantly printable photos with this camera, or connect it to your smartphone and send your favorite photos from your device to the camera to print. Easy setup and no annoying film rolls to repurchase make this a great gift for #coolteens and friends who love to document their travels.

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For the Drinker - In Good Taste Passport Collection

Maybe she’s your BFF or your Maid of Honor. Maybe she’s the best mother-in-law ever (or you’re trying to win her affections). Any way you slice it, you know a WWLW (woman who loves wine). Maybe you couldn’t book that tasting trip this year, but you can gift her this Passport Collection from In Good Taste. This “pourable postcard” features eight wines from Old and New World wine regions, so even if you couldn’t make it to Italy, you can be transported there. In Good Taste also has a number of other giftable collections, like this amazing Wine Advent Calendar.

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For the Tall Traveler - Sleepy Ride

Somehow you always end up with a middle seat, squished with zero legroom. If you didn’t score an upgrade, gift yourself (or your favorite solo traveler) the Sleepy Ride. This airplane footrest is made with memory form, is perfectly portable, and way less pricey (and awkward) than compression socks. The perfect stocking stuffer, pair one with an ultra-cozy sleep mask and make a friend’s flight ultra-comfy.

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For the Solo Traveler - Something for Jetsetters Biocol Labs Bag

Ever find yourself racing to the drugstore the night before your trip to grab travel minis of all your necessary OTC items? For a recent trip to the South, where we knew we’d be gorging on rich Southern food, my partner and I literally dumped a handful of Tums into a small Ziplock sandwich bag. Don’t be like us, instead, grab (or gift) this sleek plant-based remedies kit. It has everything you need for common travel maladies like hangovers and bloated tummies, plus sleep aids and immunity boosters.


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For the Stylish Traveler - Baboon to the Moon Go Bag Mini

This year was the year I finally invested in “adult” luggage. But I didn’t want the standard black, clamshell, soulless roll away that everyone else seemed to have. Intrigued by their splashy, colorful designs and inundated by their fun (and clearly effective) Instagram ads, I checked out Baboon to the Moon’s Go Bag Mini. Weatherproof, durable, high-quality, and versatile (I can wear it as a backpack or carry it) this bag fits everything you need for a 3-5 day trip (but I’ve been able to easily store a week’s worth of clothing, shoes, and toiletries inside) and tucks away nicely in overhead bins on flights. It makes a wonderful gift for the globe-trekker in your life, but truthfully – keep this one for yourself (and get it in Blue!)