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18 Over-The-Top Gifts for People Who Love Travel

There are some gifts money can’t buy—then there are gifts only a lot of money can buy.

Peruse our extravagant gift ideas for the wanderluster in your life, from luxury trips with eclectic lodging to designer luggage (with matching toilet paper), and every totally unnecessary travel accouterment in between. For glampers, skiers, collectors, and even the person who has everything, you can truly impress the people on your “nice list” this season if money means absolutely nothing to you.

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For The Person Who Always Asks for an Upgrade

What to get them: 12 days of caviar

What it costs: $750

Described as “legendary,” Petrossian caviar is sure to impress in four flavors and 12 gleaming gold-domed jars. It’s suggested you give one to each guest as a New Year’s Eve party favor, (that is, if you can wait that long to pop open these bad boys).

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For The “Safety Monitor” on Your Trip

What to get them: A sterling silver first aid box from Tiffany’s

What it costs: $600

We’ve all traveled with that person who always has bandages and ibuprofen on hand. Show them your appreciation for their foresight with this chic first aid box.

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For The Self-Proclaimed “Citizen of The World”

What to get them: A vintage globe

What it costs: Prices vary, but this one from 1846 will run you $2,500

For the person who has traveled the world and likes to show off their wares, it’ll make a fine addition to their collection.

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For The Literal Jet-Setter

What to get them: A private jet ride with Magellan Jets

What it costs: $72,315

Even some of the most seasoned travelers have no defense against the chaos of airports. Magellan eliminates the risk of missing flights (they can pick passengers up at their home), and whatever hell is brought upon by other passengers (why is there always a screaming baby on the plane?!).

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For The Collector/Avid Reader

What to get them: Fodor’s 1988 Guide to Chesapeake

What it costs: $1,440.39

Not sure why this is Fodor’s most valuable book right now, but it deserves a spot on the bookshelf of someone special on your list.

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For The Glamping Enthusiast (Part 1)

What to get them: The “Happier Camper” luxury trailer

What it costs: $18,950 and up (or $125-$300/night for rentals)

Now your giftee can go camping without sacrificing style or convenience. This camper can hitch to most cars and comes in a variety of colors (so it will look great in their Instagram photos), and it can sleep up to five people!

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For The Glamping Enthusiast (Part 2)

What to get them: Water in bulk

What it costs: $370.80

Purchase a minimum of 120 cases of water and your favorite camper will never go thirsty (especially if they refuse to drink from streams). Somebody hand me my Evian.

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For The Person Who Loves Shopping on Vacation

What to get them: Gucci luggage, of course!

What it costs: $3,980

Hopefully it fits in the overhead bins because it might be too valuable to check.

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For The Person Who Refuses to Ask For Directions

What to get them: A vintage compass

What it costs: This extremely rare one costs $2,995

GPS be damned—the stubborn traveler on your list is tired of Siri navigating them into narrow side streets and dead ends. This one doesn’t run out of batteries, so they won’t get lost—probably.

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For The Person Who Always Forgets Something at Home

What to get them: A plane ticket for their stuff, (a la Bono’s forgotten hat)

What it costs: In Bono’s case, $1,363

Maybe you’ve heard the story of Bono forgetting a fedora that he really liked when he flew to Modena from London for a charity concert in 2003. He paid $150 for a taxi to pick up the hat and take it to the airport, $663 for a seat in the cockpit, then another $250 for the hat’s additional taxi rides, plus $300 in tips and insurance. So this holiday season, instead of saying, “I’ll just buy you another fedora,” arrange for someone’s prized possession to come straight to them. That’s love.

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For The Social-Climbing Urbanite

What to get them: This trending Burberry backpack

What it costs: $1,350

With 14 color options, this nylon and leather backpack has been spotted on the backs of various celebrities (like 50 Shades of Grey’s Dakota Johnson). If your wanderlusting giftee will be exploring a new city this year, you can’t go wrong by getting them this practical-yet-trendy bag.

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For The Person Who’s Over Conventional Hotels

What to get them: A stay in a glass igloo

What it costs: €435,00

Take your loved one to Finland and snuggle up under the Northern Lights in a glass igloo.

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For The Astronaut (or Nerd)

What to get them: A vacation on the moon

What it costs: ~$70K

In his new book, Artemis, Andy Weir estimates a moon vacation, calculating the cost of launching and landing a rocket per kilogram, plus  a stay at a hotel in space would total about $70,000 per person. You can always make them a paper coupon, good for “one ticket to the moon.” Hopefully they’ll forget about it by the time commercial space travel makes such a vacation possible.

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For The Ski Bunny

What to get them: This polycarbonate ski helmet

What it costs: $940

Goggles are so 2017! Get the skier in your life a fashionable, comfortable, lightweight helmet that protects them from harmful UV rays.

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For The Trendsetter

What to get them: A customizable vacation with Blink

What it costs: Price upon request

Design your own luxury accommodations and Blink will set them up in the remotest of locations (think dome tents on Salar de Tunupa, Bolivia). No two vacations are alike, and once you leave, it’s gone. (Blink and you’ll miss it…get it?)

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For The Beach Bum Who Likes to Stand Out

What to get them: This oversized Jacquemus straw hat

What it costs: $480

Whether they’re going to Nice or the grimy boardwalk in Venice, California, this hat will have them camera-ready with a brim wide enough to block out any photobombers.

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For The Person Who Has Everything

What to get them: Their own private island

What it costs: $6 Million

Follow in Leonardo DiCaprio’s footsteps and give the gift of luxury and seclusion with North Saddle Cay, a fully-developed private island in Belize. On the island are two twin luxury villas and two guest cottages made of Belizean hardwood. Dock your boat or take a swim at the adjacent natural lagoon. Included are a mower tractor, jet skis, and even fishing and scuba gear.

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For the Person Who’s Done it All

What to get them: The gift of adventure, like hunting with bald eagles in Mongolia

What it costs: $2,280 for 11 days (doesn’t include flights)

That settles it: money can buy anything. Even if they’ve been there, done that, your giftee probably hasn’t lived among the Kasakh eagle hunters of Western Mongolia. Oh, they have? Well, you’re on your own then. Happy holidays!

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