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Trip Report Carnival Cruise Line Disaster Carnival Legend W. Caribbean

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We left on December 13, 2009 from Tampa, Fl via Carnival Cruise lines which should read Carnival Disaster line. Our cruise started off bad when I called the Carnival Cruise line reps to purchase this seven night cruise that was my first mistake. This rep lied so many times to us that I gave up he argue with both of us constantly. What was promised as a balcony state room without an obstruction was in fact obstructed. The very next day I found out there was a life boat parked in front of our balcony. When I told this rep that we would not except the state room he said fine I'll change it to another but you'll have to pay four hundred more. That figure continue to change every time we spoke to this rep. WE finally gave up and let it go. If he had not chosen as he demand for us this state room we could have had a free upgrade at entry. I was also told by his fellow agents that he tried a bait and switch with us. This rep was rude, nasty and made nasty comments to me all the time. Told me one time he spent more time selling me this cruise then any other person. He can sell a cruise in three mintues is what he told me. I asked questions and he assured me our needs were all met to find out none were as told.

It continues; on the second day of our cruise my spouse broke his front tooth in half, chipped the next one on large glass dishware chards in his food, it was a mushroom sauce served in a dish already prepared. One could not see the chards until bitten into. That is when the real climate change on the ship. When we decided it best to file a report they became irrate. Obviously a crown would cost quite a chunk of money. While several other people wittness the situation we both sign the report. Even bus people stood right by our table who saw what happen immediately both too frighten to admit anything. Since our return Carnival has refused to repair the damage tooth, or teeth they take no responsibilty for it In the infirmary my spouse was told I can give you pain medications but I can't give you money this kind of rudeness was unbelieveable.

After we file the report security kept track of us all through the ship. Now these ships are pretty large with many decks we'd turn around to see the head of security behind us, walking behind us or in the same room. Suddenly we found that our door to our stateroom at the same time each night was being hit, jiggled, someone trying to open it. We had it barracaded from inside. When we reenter the ship my spouse was constantly being ordered to empty his pockets, we got the treatment for sure. WE became very nervous always keeping with other passengers if possible in very public places afraid something might happen. We had no rights whatsoever and knew it. We still manage to have a nice time how I frankly don't know. My spouse is a tall very attractive man, clean, well dressed and very kind he didn't deserve this treatment nor did I. I love the ocean, love my past cruise with RCCL, I made a big mistake in not returning to RCCL.

The ports were great at least two of them Cozumel, and Grand Cayman love both places. I would forgo Belize the port is nice, newly built but once you walk beyond it's decay, poverty, grief and filth so sad and very dangerous. Isla of Roatan was beautiful but the problem is the ships port is just that you must pay forty dollars to leave the port via the only transportation there taxi or van. Then you are placed in a taxi where another party jumps into your taxi after you leave the port just out of sight of the tourists over the hill. They quickly tell you he is your tour guide.. they hold you hostage believe me. You can again be dumped off on the island easily and never make it back to the ship. We paid for all drinks for these guys, forty for the trip, then more for the tour guide. When we wish to shop they took us to one place where their friends had a shop expecting us to buy from them too. These people would not leave our side, they walk wherever we went we had no privacy, no time to ourself they kept right on us every moment even when we went to the water they stood next to us. It was horrible! I wanted to call someone but who? There is no one to call for help. They sat at our table so we couldn't have a meal unless we paid for them too. I love Roatan but would never again go by ship.

Everything has a dollar amount which is sad. Drinks of course on the ship are extremely pricey, soda's the same thing, you pay for even juices exception breakfast. The food was good, hot sometimes. After a time breakfast got to the point you'd wish to throw it overboard same thing day in day out. If there was something special the lines were horrendous and your other food went cold by the time you found a table. I could have gone without the booming voice that flood the ship everyday night and day the cruise director. After seven days of that it was too much even into your stateroom no sleeping in late there. Food is good, some not so good but that is to be expected with large crowds of people. Breakfast was the same thing day in and day out.

With no view and a balcony we still sat out and look at the stars upward. Our state room was clean, very clean every day. Our stewards were remarkable, kind, caring and did all they could to keep us comfortable. They were friendly of all the ships staff they were the kindest most caring on the cruise. Most staff will not speak to you, most don't understand English in the dining areas and other areas but that's okay. These poor people are in fear of loseing their jobs all the time they work hard and long.

The day before departure I decided to have my account run. The next day at departure we had the same billing which is taken out automatically from your bank account. When we arrive home that night I uncover nearly a thousand dollars more placed against my bank account that were not our charges from Carnival Cruise lines. After calling the bank these charges were just as suddenly reversed by Carnival. Our statement before we left had so many drink charges it was frankly impossible to believe most of them from six to ten dollars each were all ours I'd say for sure hundreds of dollars, I don't drink alcohol much at all I actually had probably four alcoholic drinks the entire time and drank tea, coffee, no sodas and water that was free.

I can go on here but I think everyone can get the idea of what we felt and our experiences aboard the Carnival Legend Cruise. I would never again go Carnival. I have gone RCL which was fantastic! Forgive me Royal Caribbean Cruise lines we had to learn the hard way.

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