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Jan 23rd, 2020 until Feb 23rd, 2020
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Quoting posts

Hi all,

In years past, before we moved the forums from Wordpress to VBulletin, there was no way to quote a previous post. Fodorites, being the resourceful travelers they are, devised numerous workarounds for the times when they needed someone to know they were responding to something they said earlier; among these workarounds was the use of the > > and < < symbols to "bracket" a quoted piece of text, which would have to be manually copied and pasted into the new post.

No more!

With VBulletin, among many other new features, quoting is a 1-click affair. Find a post you want to quote, click the QUOTE button on the bottom of that post, and voila! A REPLY box with the quoted post appears before you! Add your response underneath it, click SUBMIT and there it is: your new post, including the quoted earlier post in a clearly defined box. Easy peasy.

Recently, we updated the VB software to be compliant with the new California privacy law. In doing so, a number of (we thought) small transparent changes were also baked into the forums. It turns out, one of those changes is: it doesn't like the old way of quoting.

When the forums software was changed, we brought over all the old posts. That included many, many posts using > >text< < to indicate a quote. Since January 21, 2020, you may have noticed those old quoted posts don't look so hot any more. The software is for some reason reading those double >'s as HTML, and we are losing the remainder of the post.

Tech has a solution: they are going to do a massive find-and-replace of all instances where > > or < < (together, without spaces) appear in the forums, and replace them with the new post quoting method. There may be a situation here & there where this causes further confusion, but we know we have a LOT of posts using this old method that will be fixed with the find-and-replace.

MOVING FORWARD, please DO NOT USE THESE SYMBOLS TO INDICATE QUOTES. Just use the fancy, simple, elegant new QUOTE button when quoting someone. If you continue using the old workaround method, your posts will... not go well.

Thank you! If you experience any other weirdness with the site, as always, please report it in the Tech Support forum, or we will not see your issue to work on it.


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