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Major bus companies in Ecuador offer direct service operating between Quito, Cuenca, and Guayaquil. Buses run frequently throughout the country and are extremely cheap: the two-hour ride from Quito to Otavalo costs $2; the 10-hour ride from Guayaquil to Quito is about $8. Theft on buses is a problem—the Quito–Baños route is notorious in this regard—so keep a close eye on your valuables. The luggage compartment below the bus, the overhead rack above you, and even the space under your seat aren't necessarily secure from pilfering. Savvy travelers buy a second ticket and place their luggage in the seat next to them. Though they cost a bit more, private bus companies such as Panamericana and Reytur are an option you should consider. Their coaches are equipped with niceties such as air-conditioning and restrooms.

Bus Information

Panamericana. Av. Colón at Reina Victoria, Quito, Pichincha. 02/257–0900.

Reytur. Rodrigo de Triana 26–63, Quito, Pichincha. 02/254–6674.

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