Hotel Bidasoa

Vitacura 4873, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, 7630290, Chile

Hotel Bidasoa is family owned and run, and has recently expanded. It is homey and cozy, and located in the upscale area of Vitacura, just steps from the Museo de La Moda. The style is a bit eclectic, with furnishings leaning towards mid-century but surprising touches everywhere. It is a bit of an oasis in the city, with a swimming pool, serene green spaces and plenty of places to relax. It also seeks to be ecological where possible, and has implemented different ways to conserve both energy and water, as well as having an active recycling program.


Hotel Bidasoa has spacious rooms with wainscoting, immaculate dark wooden floors, high-quality sheets and fashionable bedside tables and headboards. Some rooms have with one busy accent wall (wallpapered) behind the bed/beds and a window seat that runs along the length of the room. The junior suites have multiple places to sit, including an open plan living room (contiguous with the bedroom).

The Presidential Room is one of the most complete hotel rooms anywhere, perfect for hosting events, with a full-sized refrigerator and kitchen, a large living room, dining area and kitchen island/bar.


Bathrooms have marble counter tops, and water-saving features prevail here, in keeping with the hotels ecological promise. The hotel provides high-end amenities as well.


There are smart tiled floors, midcentury reproduction furniture, accent walls, hammered aluminum ceilings, and comfortable places to sit, though the back terrace tends to lure guests outside.


A refreshing plunge pool (or for very short laps) with nearby comfortable padded chaise loungers under partial shade, or you can move them around the wooden deck to work on your tan.


There is access to the full-service Energy Gym just a short walk away.

YOU SHOULD KNOW Use of the gym incurs an additional fee, with guests buying gym passes at the hotel's front desk.


Bidasoa offers locally-sourced food, which gets rave reviews. But something unusual is that there really is something for nearly everyone here, with vegan, low-carb and gluten-free options. Their salads are the standouts, though who could resist a fresh plate of fish and chips? Ceviche is popular, both the fish and seaweed (vegan) version. There's even a vegan risotto with cashew "cheese," though traditional diners should not be scared away, either, as they have traditional food as well. the food is served in a handsome restaurant with copper, wire-backed chairs and framed prints on the wall in the interior section or out on the popular back patio, which has been a hit with the neighbors, too.


Their small but mighty bar specializes in cocktails, including those made with premium Piscos. They have a good wine list including Argentine Malbecs, and friendly bartenders serve patrons seated at high backed stools from their tidy workstation with fresh flowers and a beautiful mosaic-tiled backsplash.


Getting Around

This hotel is a purely drive-in-and-out or taxi (Uber or Cabify) in-and-out unless you are a fan of long walks. The closest metro is at Escuela Militar, about 3.5 km away.


Hotel Bidasoa is perched close to some of the best restaurants in uptown Santiago, including Boragó, (5-minute drive) featuring award-winning innovative preparations by Rodolfo Guzmán. Also close by are Ox (4-minute drive) and Rubiyat, (4-minute drive) both known for their meat dishes, or take a leisurely weekend lunch at Mestizo (6-minute drive) in Parque Bicentenario. Vegetarians should should consider a lunch at Quinoa, (6-minute walk) and if you feel like heading downtown, we recommend the ancestral food at Peumayén (13-minute drive) in Bellavista or traditional Chilean fare at the original Liguria (10-minute drive) in Manuel Montt. Or head to BordeRío (8-minute drive) for an upscale standalone restaurant row along the river, also in Vitacura, and choose whatever restaurant most appeals to you. Or for a sure thing, try the innovative good at Ambrosia (8-minute drive), another notable restaurant.


Drinking options very close to Hotel Bidasoa are not that plentiful, but up in BordeRío (8-minute drive) are many restaurants and bars where you can have a drink, or drive a little further downtown to Patio Bellavista (13-minute drive) for more of a centro feel. While you're down there, consider a visit to the newly-opened Salon Chharqu (12-minute drive) at Peumayén Restaurant or for innovative cocktails, or try Siete Negronis (13-minute-drive) (they also have Negronis, of course). Wine lovers might want to stay uptown and head to La Misión (4-minute drive) also in Vitacura, or for afternoon wine and snacks, to French-owned Les Dix Vins (6-minute drive), a pleasant place for wine and a bite to eat in the early evening.


This hotel is a slice of paradise in a busy city. It's not too far from anywhere, and particularly comfortable for those who have business in the El Golf or Vitacura areas, or even further uptown, but who prefer a more personal touch over the larger chains. The restaurant here is notable, and the attention of level to detail is uncommonly good. It's perfect for mixed business-pleasure couples where one is in Santiago for business, and the other has more leisure time.


Breakfast yes
Lunch yes
Dinner yes
Bar yes
Cafe no
Room Service yes
Gym, Pool
throughout hotel
Free Parking


Phones: 2-2242-1525

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