Bus Travel

Cruz del Sur and its subsidiary Transchiloé operate some 30 buses per day between Ancud and the mainland, usually terminating in Puerto Montt. Many routes continue north to Temuco, and a few travel all the way to Santiago. Buses arriving from the mainland provide local service once they reach the island, making frequent stops.

Bus Contacts

Buses Gallardo. San Martín 667, Of. 8, Castro, Los Lagos, 5700000. 9/9967--1706.

Buses JAC. San Martín 667, Castro, Los Lagos. 45/246--5463; www.jac.cl.

Cruz del Sur. Los Carrera 850, 65/262--2249; www.busescruzdelsur.cl.

ETM. Bus terminal, Aníbal Pinto 1200, Ancud, Los Lagos. 65/262--0997; www.etm.cl.

Queilén Bus. San Martín 667, Castro, Los Lagos. 65/263--2173; www.queilenbus.cl.

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