Getting Oriented in Grand Teton National Park


  • Moose. Anchoring the southern end of the park, Moose is home to the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center, Dornan's lodgings and other services, the Menor's Ferry and Mormon Row historic districts, and Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve. Grand Teton's nearest section to Jackson and Jackson Hole Ski Resort is laced with bike paths and both gentle and rigorous hiking trails, with mountain peaks looming on the west side and sagebrush-covered open range to the east, across the Snake River and around Antelope Flats.
  • Jenny Lake. The Teton Range reflects in this small (1,191-acre) but spectacular lake in the middle of the park that has visitor services on its developed east shore and pristine trails on its west shore—you can take a boat ride across the lake or hike entirely around it.
  • Jackson Lake. Most adventures in the northern end of the park revolve around this large alpine lake, which offers several lodging and dining options as well as marinas where you can launch or rent boats. The Snake River passes through the north end of the lake and back out to the south through Jackson Lake Dam around Oxbow Bend, a famously scenic spot for watching wildlife.

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