Treat Yo’Self at These 8 Hotel Spas

AnnaMaria Stephens | February 06, 2018

If a spa visit is an essential part of your travels, you're in luck. These Seattle hotels have some of the best treatments in town, offering everything from massages and body scrubs to non-surgical facelifts. You can even book a poolside foot rub.


Loews Hotel 1000

Why it made the list

Small but luxurious and serene, the full-service Spaahh welcomes guests with a glass of bubbly and a foot soak. Treatments include facials and body treatments like scrubs, wraps, and massages. For a Seattle-inspired experience, try the detoxifying Espresso Body Scrub. The invigorating clay-based treatment combines the earthy notes of Indian tobacco and sarsaparilla with volcanic pumice and coffee arabica.

Chic and modern yet warm and inviting, Loews Hotel 1000 is a Read More

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