Major Regions

Northeast–Central Utah (Castle Country). Nicknamed for the impressive castle-like rock formations that dot the landscape, Castle Country is one of those secret spots that many vacationers miss out on. Most of the attractions are near the town of Price, such as the huge crop of petroglyphs at Nine Mile Canyon. The San Rafael Swell, one of the largest and wholly unvisited natural wonders, lies 25 miles south of Price.

The Uinta Basin (Dinosaurland). Dubbing the Uinta Basin "Dinosaurland" is no overstatement. Named in honor of the large quantity of dinosaur fossils in the area (and especially the 1909 discovery of a huge cache of dino fossils in what is now Dinosaur National Monument), this slice of Utah boasts about its paleontological history whenever possible. Here you can see the ancient bones at the monument and get a crash course in dinosaur history at Vernal’s Utah Field House of Natural History State Park. The breathtaking Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is an excellent place to fish, boat, swim, and catch up-close glimpses of wildlife such as bighorn sheep and wild turkeys. The region encompassing Daggett, Duchesne, and Uintah counties.

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