Top Reasons to Go to Big Bend National Park

Varied terrain: Visit thorny desert, a fabled international-border river, bird-abundant woods, and mountain spirals all in the same day.

Wonderful wildlife: Catch sight of the park's extremely diverse animals, including bands of swarthy javelinas, reclusive mountain lions, and lumbering black bears.

Bird-watching: Spy a pied-billed grebe or another member of the park's more than 450 bird species, including the Lucifer hummingbird and the unique-to-this-area pato mexicano (Mexican duck).

Hot spots: Dip into the natural hot springs (105°F) near Rio Grande Village.

Mile-high mountains: Lace up those hiking boots and climb the Chisos Mountains, reaching almost 8,000 feet skyward in some places and remaining relatively cool except May–October, when temperatures reach into the upper 90s even at high elevations.

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