Visitor Information

Before you go, contact the Island of Hawaii Visitors Bureau to request a free official vacation planner with information on accommodations, transportation, sports and activities, dining, arts and entertainment, and culture. A virtual visit on the bureau website can be helpful, and it includes a calendar section that shows which local events will coincide with your visit. To experience the aloha spirit firsthand, connect the old-fashioned way—by phone.

The Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce has links to dozens of museums, attractions, bed-and-breakfasts, and parks on its website. The Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce lists local activities. The Volcano Art Center offers a host of activities within the park, including classes and workshops; music, dance, and theater performances; art shows; and volcano runs.


Island of Hawaii Visitors Bureau. Hawaii. 800/648–2441;

Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce. Hawaii. 808/935–7178;

Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce. Hawaii. 808/329–1758;

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