Automatic teller machines for easy access to cash are everywhere in the Islands. ATMs can be found in shopping centers, small convenience and grocery stores, and hotels and resorts as well as outside most bank branches. Also, you can get cash back at point of purchase in larger stores. For a directory of locations, call 800/424–7787 for the MasterCard/Cirrus/Maestro network or 800/843–7587 for the Visa/Plus network.

Credit Cards

It's a good idea to notify your credit-card and debit-card companies before you travel. Otherwise, they might put a hold on your card owing to unusual activity—not a good thing halfway through your trip. Record all your credit-card numbers—as well as the phone numbers to call if your cards are lost or stolen—in a safe place, so you're prepared should something go wrong. Both MasterCard and Visa have general numbers you can call if your card is lost, but you're better off calling the number of your issuing bank, since MasterCard and Visa usually just transfer you to your bank. Your bank's number is usually printed on your card.

Reporting Lost Cards

American Express. Hawaii. 800/528–4800; 336/393–1111;

Diners Club International. Hawaii. 800/234–6377; 303/799–1504;

Discover. Hawaii. 800/347–2683; 801/902–3100;

MasterCard. Hawaii. 800/622–7747; 636/722–7111;

Visa. Hawaii. 800/847–2911; 303/967–1096;

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