Sports and the Outdoors

Shubenacadie River Adventure Tours. On these adrenaline-inducing three-hour Zodiac inflatable-boat trips, you ride the waves created by the famous Fundy tides as the waters surge upstream. The intensity of the tides determines the intensity of your ride; call or check the company's website to find out when your trip will be (relatively) mellow or fierce. 10061 Hwy. 215, South Maitland, Nova Scotia, B0N 2H0. 902/261–2222; 888/878–8687; From C$85.

Shubenacadie River Runners. Riding the white water churned up as the Fundy tidal bore rushes into Nova Scotia's largest river is an adventure you won't soon forget. With Shubenacadie River Runners you can confront the waves head-on in a self-bailing Zodiac. Tide conditions and time of day let you choose mildly turbulent or ultrawild rides. 8681 Hwy. 215, Maitland, Nova Scotia, B0N 1T0. 902/261–2770; 800/856–5061; Full day, high-tide "Super Wild" ride C$103.50, including steak barbecue; other full-day rides C$80–C$92; half-day C$60–C$70, including hot drinks and snacks.