Chiriquí Province Top Reasons to Go

Misty Mountains: The upper slopes of the Cordillera de Talamanca are draped with lush cloud forest and are usually enveloped in mist. Much of that forest is protected within La Amistad and Barú Volcano National Parks, home to a wealth of wildlife, which can be explored via hiking trails.

Teeming Sea: The Golfo de Chiriquí is home to an amazing array of fish, ranging from colorful king angelfish to the mighty black marlin, making the province an ideal destination for scuba divers and sport fishers alike.

Birds in the Bush: The mountains of Chiriquí are a must-visit for bird-watchers because they hold species found nowhere else in Panama, such as the resplendent quetzal and long-tailed silky flycatcher. From November to April, northern migrants push the bird count to more than 500 species.

Pristine Islands: Between Parque Nacional Marino Golfo de Chiriquí and the Islas Secas, the sea here brims with uninhabited islands: think palm-lined beaches, crystalline waters, and coral reefs a short swim from shore.

Farming Communities: The mountain communities of Boquete, Bambito, and Cerro Punta are surrounded by gorgeous scenery and are distinguished by charming wooden houses, exuberant flower gardens, cozy restaurants, and hotels that combine all of the above.

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