Top Reasons to Go to Acapulco

Indulge in a feast: Eating out is the most popular activity in Acapulco, and you can sample cuisines from around the world or chow down on classics from throughout Mexico.

Gasp at La Quebrada cliff divers: Acapulco’s signature activity has been wowing visitors since 1934 and the clavadistas have become the iconic image of the city.

Enjoy local authenticity: Nothing against the country’s other resorts, but Acapulco’s tourist population has become decidedly homegrown, allowing for a genuinely Mexican vacation

Take a history lesson: The old Fort of San Diego overlooking Acapulco Bay houses one of the best museums in Mexico, illustrating the historical importance of this nearly 500-year-old city.

Linger over drinks: The nightlife scene is quiet here these days, but dinner and drinks at a seaside restaurant or bar mark the perfect end to an Acapulco day.

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