Wildland Adventures prides itself on culturally and ecologically sensitive trips. It has three Guatemala tours, all of which emphasize learning about Mayan culture, one of which combines Belize. One of AdventureSmith Explorations' nine-day Guatemala trips focuses exclusively on El Petén, and another focuses on the highlands; others combine Tikal and Palenque or Tikal and Copán.

British-based Responsible Travel has many Guatemala trips: the range includes low-budget packages and combinations with other Central American countries. Small groups and low-impact touring are also an important part of Intrepid Travel's holidays. They have 13 Guatemala trips, all aimed at independent travelers, that include a 10-day mountain-biking holiday, ecotours, language programs, and multi-week volunteer opportunities.

Adventure Center's trips usually involve a little bit of action (rafting, hiking, or cycling), as well as more standard touring. Guatemala is often combined with Mexico, Belize, and Costa Rica on their longer holidays. Canoe, foot, bike, and even zip-line are some of the modes of transport on The World Outdoors' Guatemala Multi-Sport holiday.

Overseas Adventure Travel takes pride in small groups and excellent guides. One of its tours combines Guatemala with Honduras, El Salvador, and Belize.

Recommended Companies

Adventure Center. 800/228–8747;

AdventureSmith. 800/728–2875;

Intrepid Travel. 800/970–7299;

Overseas Adventure Travel. 800/493–6824;

Responsible Travel. 44/1273600030;

The World Outdoors. 800/488–8483;

Wildland Adventures. 800/345–4453;


Cayaya Birding is a Guatemalan company. Their six set-itinerary birding tours last from 4 to 16 days; they can also arrange personalized tours.


Cayaya Birding. 502/5308–5160;


Culture Xplorers' Guatemala trip focuses on grassroots culture, includes visits to indigenous communities and coffee-farmers, and introduces you to Mayan textiles.


Culture Xplorers. 866/877–2507;


The Great Sailfishing Company has a range of escorted fishing packages based at villas or resorts on Guatemala's Pacific coast.


The Great Sailfishing Company. 877/763–0851;

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