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ARCAS. ARCAS is a nonprofit Guatemalan NGO formed in 1989 to rehabilitate injured wildlife. Today, its rescue center near Flores is one of the world's largest, annually helping up to 600 wild animals, of up to 40 different species. Special tours of the rescue center can be reserved by contacting the staff; the animal exhibit Kinkajou Kingdom can be visited without reservation. ARCAS also hosts extended tours in Guatemala. Mayan Biosphere Reserve , Flores, Petén. 502/5208–0968;

CINCAP. The Centro de Información sobre la Naturaleza, Cultura y Artesanía de Petén (CINCAP), as you can infer, offers information about the nature, culture, and crafts of Petén, as well as a museum with historical exhibits. It's located inside the Arizmendi Castle and has craft shops worth visiting. In central plaza, Av. Libertad, Flores, Petén.

INGUAT. The staff at INGUAT, Guatemala's tourism promotion agency, is courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. There's an information desk at the Flores airport (Mundo Maya International Airport), as well as near the ticket office at Tikal park. Mundo Maya International Airport, Santa Elena, Petén. 502/2421–2800;

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